An Overnight inspiration

An overnight inspiration. I decide to blog, my creations of nothing but fun stuff for my little tots.

They just turned 2 recently, and I must say being a mama of 2 ( I literally have 2 of them!) is like being on a never ending emotional roller coaster.Cliche, but very true. Words of encouragement flood in during their 2nd birthday: “ Terrible 2 is just a phase”, “ They are learning to be independent” etc . Only time will tell.

On a brighter note, 2 is truly a fun age for imagination, experimentation and role play. Being a SAHM gives me all the time I need to enjoy my little ones and work those creative juices of mine 24/7. Recently, insomnia kicked in but that resulted in bouts of artsy craftsy projects I endeavoured. I can hardly wait to share. So, here goes…