Pineapples Frenzy- Matchy Matchy

Finally! I am done with my Twins’ Matchy Pineapple Outfit. We are definitely welcoming summer with a tropical blast!

Monday Playclub Term ends for my tots. This term they learnt all about food. From yogurt to rice to plain old water; they got to taste, touch and play pretend with food. It was good fun! The kids were asked to dressed up as anything ‘food related’ for graduation day; and being the over zealous ‘Mama’, I decided, a chance to DIY again!

I dropped by Spotlight to do some fabric shopping and once again was spoilt for choice. However, the ‘Pineapple’ print fabric caught my eye. It was just what I needed for a zesty outfit!

Char’s Thick Strap TOP & High Low Skirt

This set needs special mention as I did it from scratch. I got the inspiration from one of Charlotte’s TOP ;which I totally adore!

Here’s basically all the parts of my deconstructed TOP

I started of with the straps first:

This quilting cutting mat came in really handy for my straps. It helped a lot with the precision of my measurements.

Next I sew the hemming and attached the inner lining for the TOP.

Here’s a little Tip; when you are sewing right sides together, before turning right sides out, clip corners. (I skipped the curves in this case for aesthetic reason as I could iron down with much ease since the inner lining is very thin. )This is so to make nice right angle corners and curve fold nicely in without bulk. Lastly, I attached the straps down on my desired location.

Mini Pompom trims on the right side of fabric

Probably, the most exciting yet daunting part of the TOP; Attaching the Mini Pompom trims! I was excited as it would really spice up the whole look of the TOP if sewn on properly. However, being my very first time on it, I was not sure how to approach it. In the end, I hand sewed it on the TOP and used the sewing machine for the skirt. On the right side, I thought both looked pretty similar, but the back was another story.

Mini Pompom trims on the wrong side of fabric; TOP: handsewn BOTTOM: Machine sewn

As you can see, the machine sewn one had a nice running stitch, whereas the hand sewn one was a little erratic. I did like the overall effect of the handsewn one though. It reminds me of a yellow scribble of a child trying first hand on a straight line. I Guess it’s individual preference. A good thing about a hand made product.; you can tweak and change about almost everything along the way; no hard and fast rule. One thing which would deter me from doing it handsewn again; Super duper time consuming! Front view TOP

Back view TOP

Here’s the final look of my TOP after attaching the buttons on. I used fabric buttons to give a cutesy feel to the TOP and hidden snap buttons for opening and closing. (Will do a separate post on doing fabric covered buttons soon.) I really like how my top turned out, and definitely having plans on doing a Mother Daughter Matchy outfit!

I did 2 gather skirts for my little girl prior to this project. The high Low skirt is my first time; figuring out the construction of it certainly took some time. I did my own paper patterns first before executing the outfits. I thought it really did help in getting accurate cut outs for the pieces

The high Low skirt is sewn similarly to how a gathered skirt is done. Gathered skirts are definitely a good beginner’s project to children’s clothes. Firstly, there is no need of paper pattern and secondly there is learning skill of doing gathers (useful in skirts, dress, puffy sleeves,bolster cases etc).

I started the skirt by sewing the side seams of both the front, back panels of skirt and waist band. Next, I attached the Mini pompom trims. For the skirt, I used the sewing machine to do it. This was followed by doing gathers for both the skirt and the lining. Last casing for the skirt was attached and elastic band was inserted.

A good tip for doing a poofy skirt would be using correct lining material. This is why tulle fabric are often recommended. They are stiff, and give a voluminous effect to under skirt. However ,young children and toddler with sensitive skin in particular, find it itchy and uncomfortable. My suggestion would be using Siri which is a cotton/ poly blend. A medium weight one has more volume and thus will give the skirt a more voluminous effect. Voile is a good choice for a more breathable and washes easily too. Check out for more information on linings for skirts and dresses.

Here you go, presenting the high Low skirt!

Elli’s Two-toned Stand-Out collar shirt

The shirt is a review for me from a recent sewing series I attended. It is still as challenging when I did my first shirt for Elli; definitely not a beginner’s project.

I found the sewing of the yoke, sleeves and collar very much demanding for a beginner like me.

However, the final product was very self fulfilling and a show stopper, I must say.

The most exciting part of doing the shirt would be the selection of contrasting fabric for the the collar as well as the type of buttons.

I wanted to give it a cheery vibe so went for yellow fabric ; yellow and orange flat buttons. I had these cute pineapple buttons which I wanted initially, but I thought the flat ones would match Char’s outfit better.

The completed shirt. Isn’t it adorable?

Front view Shirt

Back view Shirt

Final thoughts…

Seeing your tots dressed in your own handmade creation is like one of those moments, etched in your memory forever. Proud moments.

Presenting to you the Pineapple Frenzy collection this summer..

Twin Power!

Toto my toy poodle looks needy for some pineapple frenzy. Maybe a new collar this summer?