Fabric Covered Button

Ever tried to find the right buttons to sew to an apparel or a craft item, but can’t seem to find the right one? Fabric Covered buttons might just be the solution.

Recently, I did some clothings for the twins ( check out my Pineapple Matchy Matchy post on it) Accessorizing them was the most exciting bit. I was spoilt for choices over the buttons or rather couldn’t decide which were the perfect ones to give an extra oomph to the outfit.

I chanced upon these fabric buttons makers in Daiso. They were perfect.

Package comes with clear instructions at the back of it.

They come in different sizes.

Here’s what you need:

Fabric of your choice (Thin fabrics work the best)

Tools from the button maker show below

Here are the steps:

In clockwise direction starting from the diagram at TOP left hand corner.

Begin by cutting a circle shape piece of fabric using the pattern given ( 22mm diameter in this case)

Place fabric on the the tray given by using the metal button to push it down. This is to Ensure the fabric is centralised

Use the Pusher tool to press the fabric down first before pushing the button backing. I find that by doing this step, the backing goes in much easier.

Finally press down button backing firmly with the Pusher tool. At this juncture, I like to remove the button from the tray and use the Pusher tool one more time to press the button back firmly down.

And there you go! A fabric covered button In less than a minute.

I feel these fabric buttons give such a polished look to the final project. Like a professional touch to it! Best part, it is so cheap. Considering, I get 20 pieces ( 15mm) from Daiso for $2. Such a steal!

The only down side to this button maker would be, not working well with thicker fabrics. Denim and Corduroy as suggested are not suitable. I find thicker cotton fabric difficult as well; especially making buttons 18mm in diameter and smaller.

Here’s my fabric buttons on a TOP I did for Char previously. The yellow fabric buttons gave a perfect touch to it,I think.

I am currently doing a whole batch of buttons using my previous scrap!

Happy Button Making!